Beyond Religion – The Personal Search for Truth – Barbara Mayer

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What Readers are Saying about Beyond Religion:

Finally a book that simply and eloquently describes what so many of us have been asking. What is spirituality? What does it mean to be spiritual? What does it mean to be religious? Can you be both or do you have to be one or the other? In these times of great uncertainty our world “yearns for peace”. Our souls scream out to us to live simply, with more compassion and grace. So many times we ignore the call in our frantic pace to get through each day. Barbara Mayer brilliantly take us through a process where we can connect with our true self without sacraficing what many of us hold most dear, our religious teachings. She encourages readers to take the next step beyond the “organized belief systems, rituals and manmade dogmas.. which identify every religion to a place of living in intention, compassion and service”, The Ultimate Truth, the Divine Mystery, “what real holiness is- wholeness”.
- Sylvia Strobel, Executive Director
Women’s Interfaith Institute of the Finger Lakes


As more people find themselves questioning or leaving organized religions, Beyond Religion -- The Personal Search For Truth, a new book by Barbara Mayer, provides answers for spiritual seekers of our time.

From her thirteen years as a Roman Catholic nun, and a lifetime of studying Eastern and Western religions and belief systems, Mayer offers a reader-friendly book to encourage and enlighten those who believe "there must be more" to the search for personal spirituality and truth. From her own journey, she offers personal insights into religious doubt and the dark night of the soul. She helps lead others toward spiritual maturity and personal transformation, offering hope and meaning to those ready to move beyond patriarchal religious dictates.

Beyond Religion looks at the Axial Age, the Quantum, and the growing awareness of the human species. Mayer asks us to accept the concept of Bifurcation Point -- the Point of No Return -- when we must choose to move beyond what no longer serves us and take to heart the Divine Voice in Scripture, "Behold, I make all things new." She asks us to allow ourselves the joy and the right to make ourselves new in this exciting time of growing consciousness and compassion.

Beyond Religion also includes chapters on understanding one's religious roots, an in-depth consideration of Jesus and the Christ Mind, feminine energy, modern mysticism, different religions of the world, quantum and non-linear thought, meditation, healing and personal spiritual growth.

Mayer is also a poet and her special gift at the end of each chapter is a poem which captures the essence, the message and the emotion of the journey to oneness with God, Truth and creation.

Beyond Religion helps us see ourselves as modern mystics of action and compassion, as agents of peace and not planters of seeds of war, destruction, selfishness and greed. It is an invitation to become a real blessing to ourselves and to the world around us. The message of Beyond Religion is that this is OUR time to, as the Zen saying advises, "Be still, and understand what you already know."

Beyond Religion? A must read for seekers of all levels, and a glorious source of empowering joy!

Barbara Litrell
Former Publisher McCalls,
Working Woman


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