Hymns to the Beloved - The Poetry, Prayers and Wisdom of the World’s Great Mystics

Hymns to the Beloved is arranged by topic, with an introduction to each topic by the editor.  Topics include: Mysticism, Oneness, God, Enlightenment, Death of the Ego, Prayer, Meditation, Stillness, Consciousness, Good and Evil, the Spiritual Path, the Nature of Mind, Knowledge, Illusion, Wisdom, Life and Death.

Hymns to the Beloved is both a book of inspiration, and a reference guide to the wisdom of mystics known and unknown, ancient and modern-a spiritual buffet which nourishes the soul.

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What Readers are saying about the five star rated Hymns to the Beloved

"This is a wonderful book!!  A friend sent me this book knowing I could use one of the many quotes for a daily column I write.  The book is presented in “bite size” segments and it is easy to read.  I could flip to any page and get a wonderful quote.  Very inspiring and useful!” - Norma Byrne


“’Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought.” Matsuo Basho—Zen Buddhist. This is but one thought of the hundreds contributed by the mystics of the ages to be found within this book. I can’t imagine how much research goes into creating such a work. I would think it would take lifetimes. From the nature of perception and the mystical experience to illuminations on love, compassion and loss of ego, Richard Hooper has scoured the centuries for the wise words contributed by mystics from many cultures. “In my spare moments I like to flip to any page for a quick meditation. . . In my spare moments I like to flip to any page for a quick meditation. . . ‘I cast a hook into a single stream; but I catch joy as if I possessed a kingdom.’ Chi K’Ang—Taoist. Between quotes such as these and the stunning images and interpretations by the author, I’ve found I get much more inspiration and energy from this book than I do from reading the newspaper or checking my email. I’d say keep it on the kitchen table and behold the sages in your hand.” - J. G. Frank


“This book is even better than Hooper’s much acclaimed Parallel Sayings. Hymns focuses on the depth and range of the spiritual experience. Its numerous quotations from the world’s great mystics reveal the rich variety of paths through The Narrow Gate. Hooper’s Introduction offers helpful insights as well.” - E. and W. Rowe

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