The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene (Inspirational card deck and guidebook)

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Spiritual Mentor and Role Model for Contemporary Living


Explaining how Mary Magdalene can be seen as a role model for our contemporary lives would be challenging without giving some of Mary’s historical background first.  Equally important in the creation of this card deck and guidebook are meaningful observations from my own personal life.  The 36 images in this deck are paired with various quotes which have been attributed to Mary Magdalene from many different sources.  The guidebook itself serves as a container to offer wisdom and guidance for each image that will inspire your own answers and the truths that you seek.  We are all heroes on life’s journey, and the teachers and experiences show up exactly when we are ready for them.

 Thank you for being part of my journey,  Sharon Hooper  


Brief History of Mary Magdalene

The false image of Mary Magdalene as a penitent sinner saved by Jesus cannot be found in the Gospels of the New Testament.  It is a product of rumor and innuendo that resulted from a sermon given by Pope Gregory in the sixth century when he combined the figures of Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany and the “sinful woman” found in Luke’s Gospel.  Even though it is entirely false, this sexually charged slander against Mary Magdalene has persisted for fourteen centuries, and has been the basis for how Mary Magdalene is often portrayed in modern media.

The Gospels of the New Testament are very clear about who Mary Magdalene was: 

a prominent disciple of Jesus who witnessed his crucifixion after all the

 male disciples had fled in fear for their own lives. 

In the “Gnostic” Christian Gospels, Mary was revered as an important teacher and a visionary to whom Jesus conveyed his most important teachings.  Mary was especially beloved by Jesus, not because she was a woman, but because she was the most spiritually advanced of all his disciples.

In the Gospel According to Mary (Magdalene), Mary is portrayed as a spiritual adept who takes Jesus’ place after he leaves the disciples for the last time.  She becomes the community’s teacher since she alone had been gifted with Jesus’ secret teachings.  Like Jesus, she comforts those who are grieving for their loss and encourages the faith of the other disciples.

Following Mary’s Path

Growing up in a strict Methodist household in Portland, Maine, Sunday school was mandatory. The stories about Jesus gave my young life a sense of calm, but the full lessons had a greater impact on me later in life.  From these stories I drew guidance and moral direction.  More importantly, the perceived kindness of Jesus and the sweet images of the devoted women in his life gave me strength and courage in the midst of family crises.

As my life’s journey revealed itself step by step, I began to unfold in countless dimensions and found truth in many ways, and especially in women’s community.  It is here, in working and playing with other women, that my life might be seen to intersect with the path of Mary Magdalene, as a seeker of truth and wisdom, and as a teacher in women’s community. 

Incorporating Mary’s lessons into our daily lives

These are a few examples of how Mary’s teachings can guide you in your modern day life.

FAITH:  Mary believed!  She was always at the side of Jesus.  After Jesus was arrested, all the males fled, fearing for their own lives.  Mary stayed. 

How do you use your faith?  What is your core belief that gives you strength?

VISIONARY:  Many scholars agree now that without Mary’s vision of Jesus ascending, that there would be no Easter.  She alone was the witness who ran to the disciples, and finally convinced them of the ascension.

                         What are your visions?  Do you have the conviction to follow your dreams and visions, even though others may not agree with you?

TEACHER:  Mary was often a member of a small and select group of disciples who asked Jesus questions.  In the Gnostic Church dialogue Gospels, only those who were considered teachers were allowed to ask questions.  Mary has been given teacher status in several ancient teachings. 

How are you a teacher to others and to yourself?

HERO / HEROINE:  Not only is Mary an archetype of the divine feminine, but she accepted the role as heroine:  she accepted the call to adventure, she went forth with bravery and courage, she faced risks and perils and, as a result, she was transformed.  She became enlightened.  We are also, all of us, on our hero’s journey.  We meet all of the criteria for being heroes! 

How do you create the “knowing” that you are a hero? 

Using The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene card deck 

There are three original layouts in the guidebook:  The Halo of Love, The Cross and Four Virtues.

You might want to ask yourself a question, draw one card, and then reflect on how the card and the contemporary translation applies to your situation.

You can start your day by thinking about what is coming up for you in the moment, picking a card and then considering how the words might guide you through the day.

Perhaps you and a friend or coworker might be looking for mutual guidance.  Place your hands over each others and be led to the card which will give you magical insights.

Accessing the wisdom of Mary and all women

As you enter into the spirit of Mary’s world, you might be aligned with your own connection to past and present.  Broad questions you might wish to consider are:

As a seeker, student, spirit mother, courageous pilgrim—how will the words contained

within the deck help you on your brave journey?

How do you see your own feminine divinity?  How is it expressed?

Are there similarities in Mary’s life and yours?  If so, what are they?

Are you willing to step into your higher consciousness, knowing that you have viewed

 a specific image to help you in reaching beyond your own boundaries?

The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene can help you:

  • Explore the true purpose of your life

  • Create a new awareness in making important decisions

  • Design a life that brings you fulfillment

  • Envision steps that lead to your dream or goal in life

In closing, know that I am passionate about your success in life and business!

Mary’s presence in my life has given me a stronger spiritual foundation in which to be the best possible life coach and holistic business consultant.

Many of my clients wish to use this card deck when we do “Vision Mappings”.  If you would like to know more about this specialty, my other professional services or information about Mary Magdalene workshops, please visit my website  


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